Sport  Caffe Novi Sad  
Hotel Bellevue Bečići  
Hotel President Kovilovo  
Business Center  Gemax Beograd  
Mc Donalds restaurants    

Sport Center  Arena, Novi Beograd

Branch office  Societe General, Beograd

Raiffeisen banka, Beograd

Shopping centers  C-marketa

Business center  Nis Naftagas, Novi Sad

Business center  Nana, Niš

NBS, Slavija, Beograd

Polimark, head office, technical and sanitary offices, Beograd

Car showroom Autokomerc, Beograd

Residential buildings (Energoprojekt, Adoc, Gemax)

Car showroom Auto Čačak, Čačak

Shopping centers Beba kids, Beograd

Shopping centers Sport&More, Beograd

Shopping centers Božen Cosmetics, Beograd

Business center Ušće, Beograd

Hotel Breg, Vršac

Hotel Park, Novi Sad

Hotel Balkan, Beograd

Hotel Aleksandar, Niš

Hotel Panorama LUX, Niš

Hotel Nebeske stolice, Kopaonik

Hotel Union, Beograd

Hotel Profesional

Car showroom Porsche, Beograd

Car showroom Auto TREND, Beograd

Restaurant Ruski car, Beograd

Restaurant Zelenbor, Beograd

Restaurant Dalmatinac, Beograd

Private houses Yusite

Health centers, Srbija

Residential houses Ujedinjeni projekti

Residential houses Majpers

Residential houses Adoc (Jove Ilića)

Residential houses Gemax

Residential houses Aba inženjering

Café’ and Pastry shop Buongiorno, Beograd, Kopaonik

Water plant Zlatibor 2

Restaurant Simex, Subotica

Business center Adoc, Beograd

RTV Studio B, Beograd





The tiles with aesthetic features and design of top-level Italian ceramics. The modern finish and decorations, attractive and matching colors and shades are the features of this product.  



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